God and The Goodness Gorillas

When the question is asked of you, “What is God like?” how do you answer? Do you use big words like omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent? How do you describe God? As believers, it’s an important question. It’s essential because your description of God flows from your concept of God. As a believer, your behavior is related to your idea of God, and the world’s conception of God is directly related to the conduct of believers.

So, what we say about God is essential. The Psalmist in Psalm thirty-six shares his view of God. He does so by comparing the wickedness of self-obsessed humanity with the divine goodness of God.

The psalmist states that God’s love is vast and inexhaustible. It reaches to the heavens. The word heavens speak of universal dimensions. Scientists, who have in the past believed that the universe is not unlimited have discovered that this vast universe is ever-expanding. In other words, it shouts of eternity. So, when the psalmist says, “your steadfast love extends to the heavens,” it is to be understood that God’s love never ends! There is no limit to God’s love.

In verse six, the psalmist says, “You save humans and animals alike.” God’s love permeates all that He does. This love is manifested in and through faithfulness, righteousness, justice, life, protection, and blessings.

What is God like? The world is asking. What are we answering? A better question is, how are we responding? It’s not so much what we are saying with our words, although that’s important, instead what are we saying by our actions, our ethics, our behavior. What are we saying to an inquisitive and desperate world?

Often times, when I am looking for answers to difficult questions, I find the solutions not in commentaries written by world-class scholars or articles written by academics but in the literature written for children. It is, of course, true that the answer to all of life’s issues is Jesus. However, one children’s book that has answered for me this question of How we are to answer the world concerning the nature of God is entitled, “The Goodness Gorillas, written by Lisa McCourt. It is a compelling story of how random acts of kindness can change the most challenging individual. I won’t give the story away. I encourage you to read it for yourself, and in doing so, I believe you will discover the likeness of The Goodness Gorillas and God.

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