Stop With The Stuff

One of my favorite tee shirts is army green with black lettering. The phrase on the front of the shirt reads, “Dad, the toughest job you’ll ever love.” Underneath the saying is a Scripture reference, Psalm 127: 3. The Scripture says, “Children are a gift from the Lord. They are a reward from Him.”

I agree children are a blessing from God. For most parents, their best attempts at verbalizing their love is an impossible thing. Our language is insufficient.

Actions indeed speak louder than words. And, what is truly sad is parents are often so busy with stuff. “Just let me finish this, and we will go play.” Or, “I can’t take you today, but tomorrow just you and I will go,” but tomorrow comes, and there is more stuff that results in a broken promise.

I realize we live hectic lives, and part of the reason we do is to provide well for our families. The sad truth is there comes a day, and it comes, Oh so quickly, when the stuff we’ve been faithful to complete seems to result in regret because our little gifts from God have grown to busy doing things of their own!

There is a beautiful photograph of John Wayne sitting and holding a Prince Valiant comic. He is reading to his children who are sitting at his feet, gazing up at him, and listening to the sound of one engaged, not with doing stuff but rather being a Dad! The caption on the photograph reads, “Duke’s number one priority was being the kind of father his children could always look up to.”

Listen, that’s not doing stuff, but rather that is being a dad, which is “the toughest job you’ll ever love.” I want to encourage us today to speak love and devotion to our children, not so much with inadequate words but with committed actions. The reality is our children are not children forever. So, don’t waste another minute, allowing stuff to rob you of God’s blessing – your children!

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