Open Your Eyes

“There are many who see but do not see, and there are those who hear but do not hear.” It is a statement that, on its surface, seems non-sensical. How can one hear but not hear, and how can one see but not see? Let me tell you a story that may help in understanding the statement.

I had had a long day filled with meetings, and in those meetings were individuals with strong opinions and an unwillingness to soften their positions, and I was one of those individuals. I was exhausted. My head was pounding, and I just wanted to close my eyes and relax.

When I arrived home, I walked into the house and went straight to the den and sat down on the most comfortable leather sofa. I really loved that couch. I reached for the remote, turned on the television, and intended to take a nap before engaging anybody, which included my wife and children.

All was quiet, and for a moment, I thought I would finally get what I wanted – peace and quiet. It was short-lived. I heard the sound of little tiny footsteps running toward the couch. I remember thinking, “Not now, I want my time.” I remember closing my eyes tight and thinking, I don’t care what anybody wants right now or needs, I am not opening my eyes nor moving from the couch, nor engaging in any conversation. But, the little steps belonged to my precious daughter Kayla Rose. She fell into my lap and climbed up, and I tightened my shut eyes. I felt her small hands cup my face and heard her say, “Daddy, daddy, wake up, daddy. I thought nope not now! I am going to get my nap!

As determined as I was, I was no match for my daughter. She took her tiny hands and began trying to force my eyes open. I made every effort to close my eyes even tighter. It was then she won the battle by saying in a tone that was filled with disappointment and confusion, “Daddy, it’s me, Princess Kayla.” My heart softened, and my selfish determination melted as I opened my eyes and saw pure love staring at me. She put her arms around my neck and her head upon my chest. I put my arms around her, and in a short period, we had both fallen asleep. She had gotten her hug, and I had gotten the peace I so desperately needed.

There were three truths I learned that day, and you can find them in Ephesians 1: 15-23. First, to really see, the eyes of your heart must be open. Second, you are God’s child, and that changes everything. Finally, you can rest in God’s divine embrace.

As a result of my encounter with Princess Kayla, God revealed three keys concerning the church and her mission. The people of God must be more determined to open their eyes than they are to close them. The community of faith must do more than recognize who she is. The community of faith must walk in her true identity. And, instead of redoubling her own efforts, she must rest in what the Holy Spirit is doing. In other words, the people of God must yield to the Holy Spirit’s embrace!

I want to encourage us to read with fresh eyes Ephesians 1: 15-23, and listen for the tiny steps of revelation and understand that will empower each of us to really see and clearly hear the heart of God!

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