Happy Trails

John Wayne played the role of Breck Coleman in 1930, in the Western, The Big Trail. I love Westerns, and The Big Trail is one of my favorites. Well, really any movie with John Wayne I like.

There is a moment in the movie when Breck Coleman, played by John Wayne states, while facing great difficulty, “No great trail was ever built without hardship.” I love that line. It really speaks to the reality in each of our lives. Life’s journey is full of challenges, no matter your position.

Grant it, some face greater obstacles than others, but make no mistake everyone of us must make difficult choices. We each come to a fork in the road or a mountain that must be conquered. The question is, “When confronted with the said challenge, how do you and I approach it. Do we charge right in without giving much thought to the consequences of our decisions, or do we seek wisdom? And from whom do we find such knowledge?

I have learned over the years, after having made rash decisions and experienced several negative results, that it is always best to seek God and his will before moving forward.

Life is a challenging trail to travel, but it is an impossible trail to conquer without God. I want to encourage us today to always seek God and his will in everything we do.

Life is better when lived in the presence of God, of that I am certain!

2 thoughts on “Happy Trails

  1. Absolutely…living in the presence of God should be our 1st instinct. I wish it was. I do try to work at it being that way though.


  2. Thank You. With GOD all things are possible , without you are in a mess. I thank God everyday for walking with me thru my Journey…….


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