The Power of Listening

“The world is full of lonely people, each isolated in a private, secret dungeon.” Loretta Cirzaitis goes on to state that “Periodically, they send faltering messages, desperately hoping that someone will decode their communique of desperation.” As I read her quote, I began to wonder what happens when no one hears their cry.

Well, if no one responds, I believe people continue living their private hells, never really discovering their own beauty, nor the unlimited possibilities that are theirs. How very tragic.

Yet, if someone is listening, extraordinary things begin to happen. Dungeon walls disappear when someone stretches out a hand, whispers a word of encouragement, attempts to understand.

As one accepts the gift of another’s listening, the wall of resistance crumbles as hope begins. Personal capacity stretches to include within it that which the other offers. Trust becomes the convergence point. And as a result, the heart responds to the heart and sets in motion a chain reaction that generates continuing development and growth.

“The world is full of lonely people, each isolated in a private, secret dungeon.” I agree people are desperate to know they matter and are afraid of being rejected. But, if someone would care enough to slow down and simply listen to the other, the prison wall would begin to crumble. There is so much power in listening to another.

So, today I want to slow down and intentionally employ the power of listening to others, and I encourage you to do the same as we answer the call to set the captive free.

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