America’s Future Depends On Her Complete Surrender

There is in the air the echo of distant thunder. And with each passing day, the effects of this rumbling thunder become more evident. I believe the source of this thunder is the voice of God calling forth judgment upon evil. Not merely on other nations but here upon America. A country, once viewed as Christian, from which thousands upon thousands of missionaries were sent to proclaim the love of God, now heralds a new religion – secular humanism – a modern age philosophy which threatens to stripe away all remaining garments of her Christian identity and heritage.

From the inception of this nation, the foundation on which she sought to build was one based upon Judeo-Christian ethic, and yet today, many in places of leadership and power tell us there are no set morals and ethics. Life, they say, is relative. We must be open-minded. There is no real right or wrong. We are told reality must be interpreted from one’s social and economic context. And thus, Christian ethics have been replaced by Situational ethics and Secular humanism, which seeks to make each man a god.

The late Dave Wilkerson once said, “This country has now headed the way of all fallen empires. The time that God warned us about in His word has come, the dread release, when even the prayers of godly saints for a doomed land no longer avail.” He goes on to say, “People are so used to hearing that America is God’s chosen nation. We’ve been blessed through the centuries. God has used us to protect Israel. Can it really be that such hard judgment is going to fall on the United States?” In short, yes. I believe it has already begun!

But all is not lost. There is an answer – America’s future depends on complete surrender to God. There is no politician or political party that holds the key, only God can rescue the land of the free and home of the brave. Take a moment and read Deuteronomy twenty-eight. While the text is explicitly referring to the nation of Isreal, the relationship between obedience and blessings is clear. Just think about it and pray. It certainly can’t hurt. Right?

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