Everything Is New

Paul declares in 2Corinthinans 5: 17, “If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation the old is gone and behold everything has become new.” Just think about that… Everything has become new – you are a new creation. All of the old has passed away.

Now wait just a minute, Sam, I don’t know about that, I still struggle with old patterns and thoughts. Yes, like the dust in your home that re-accumulates, it is the residue of our past life. But praise God for the presence of the Holy Spirit, in our lives, whos work it is to complete what the Father and Son have begun – this is called the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit or Sanctifying Grace. This work of grace is a process of growth and maturity that takes time and often many years. But know this – we are a new creation.

All this is from God. It has nothing to do with you or me. It has nothing to do with any effort on our part. It is from God. We have been reconciled, put right, reconnected, our relationship to God has been re-established. We are no longer aliens. That which separated us from God has been removed by Christ, who bore our sin. We have become the “righteousness of God” in Christ. And as such, we are ambassadors for Christ so that the world might be reconciled to God.

Having been recipients of such marvelous Grace, the love of Christ urges us, no matter the difficulties or hardships, no matter the cost, not to accept this Grace in vain. But instead, live so that we may not be guilty of putting obstacles in anyone’s way. This means to live a life of Grace. What does a life of Grace look like? To live a life of Grace, we must remember that we didn’t save ourselves; it was the work of God. Next, we must not forget, we had a past life, and we must learn from that past. It is also important to remember that Christ died for all humanity. He loves everybody – even those we don’t like! Finally, the grace life is a life lived in Christ; We must ask ourselves, now would Christ really have done or said that?

So, may we set our gaze on Christ and lighten up. Stop living in the past and start living in Grace. I believe, as we do, our world will become a better place.

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