What’s Wrong with Being Wrong?

I remember several years ago being asked a question by a therapist I was seeing. It was during a period when I was experiencing major depression. She asked, “Sam, why are you so afraid of being wrong? Why are you fearful of making a mistake?” At the time, I thought it was a stupid question, and told her so. She smiled, and our conversation continued. I never did answer the question. I think I’m ready to answer her question now – be it a few years delayed.

Being wrong is a part of the human experience. We are not perfect. If we were, we would be as gods. We are not. I admit that some of us are more accustomed to being wrong than others. But we all have had our moments of being wrong. And if you think otherwise – trust me, your wrong!

So here’s my answer. “The wrongness of being wrong is found in one’s failure to recognize that one is wrong.”


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