Clear Communication

There is an excellent parable by Danish philosopher and theologian, Soren Kierkegaard, that speaks to the importance of clear communication. He writes, “A man was walking down a city street and saw a large sign in the window, ‘Pants pressed here.’ He went home and gathered all of his wrinkled laundry; carried it back to the shop, and placed it on the counter. ‘What are you doing?’ were the words from a puzzled shopkeeper. ‘I brought my clothes to you to be pressed,’ said the man, ‘just like your sign said.’ ‘Oh, you’ve got it all wrong,’ the owner replied. ‘We don’t actually do that here. We’re in the business of making signs.”

Our lives are much like that sign. Authentic living is accomplished when one’s outward actions match one’s inward character. It’s not enough to profess your faith, you must en-flesh it. When the world responds to the sign of faith you display, will they find a matching heart inside?


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