The Choice Is Yours!

“Yes, I see it all now: I’m the lord’s maidservant, ready to serve. Let it be with me just as you say” (Luke 1: 38). I find it interesting that the angel Gabriel didn’t depart immediately following his proclamation but waited until Mary said yes to God’s plan for her life.

While God has created each of us for a purpose, we are not His puppet. We can choose to follow or not follow that plan. Mary could have said no. Some would argue that the Sovereignty of God and the free-will of humanity are at odds. I disagree. I believe that God, in His Sovereignty, has chosen to honor His gift to humankind of free-will. If Mary had said no, I believe God would have honored that decision. Our response to God is not pre-determined; ultimately, the choice is ours. And that truth does not contradict the Sovereignty of God because it is out of His Sovereignty that God has crowned humanity with free-will.

The bottom line is we must decide to surrender to God’s plan or reject that plan. The consequences of our decision rest solely on us. It is important to remember that with privilege comes responsibility. While God has a plan for our lives, it does not relieve us of the burden to make a personal decision to follow God’s plan.

What will your choice be? Will it be yes God, or will it be no God? It’s your choice!

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