God Gives Knowledge and Understanding!

She didn’t understand. It made no sense. How could she give birth to a child when she was a virgin? Mary didn’t understand, but she wanted to, so she asked for understanding.

It would be nice, I think if everything we encounter in our lives made sense and we were never caught by surprise. That hasn’t been my experience; how about you? I suspect the same is right for you, not everything we face in life makes sense. What do you do? To whom do you turn for answers when life seems out of control?

It hasn’t always been this way, but I have learned to pray, asking God to grant me understanding and insight. There was a time when God was my last resort – after I had really made a mess of things, attempting to handle life on my own. God is now the first to whom I turn for understand and direction.  

I want to encourage you to pray early. Make God your “Go to,” and not your last resort! I have found God to be faithful in giving insight, direction, and understanding. God gives understanding and knowledge to those who seek Him. It’s a truth that has the power to transform our lives from being one of indecisiveness and confusion to one of confident assurance. Wouldn’t you rather live with a sense of sure confidence rather than continually guessing your way through life? I know I would!

One thought on “God Gives Knowledge and Understanding!

  1. I still struggle for some stupid reason to reach out to God firat… to have Him be my go to. ..
    Thanks for putting it so practically..it doesn’t make sense to not have God be my first go to!


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