The Power Of Encouragement

Have you ever spent much time around an encourager? You know, a person who always seems to say a positive word that motivates you to press on in the face of difficulty. I have! I have also spent time with those who, instead of being an encourager, are discouragers. These are individuals who seem to complicate already difficult situations with negative comments and attitudes. I suppose I have at one time or another been an encourager and, at other times a discourager.

You can imagine which group of people it is more pleasant to be around – that’s right, the encourager! As the people of God, we are called to encourage and bless others. In 1Thessilonians 5: 11, Paul instructs the believers to encourage each other.

Yet, frequently, we allow the pressures of our everyday life to become our focus, and we grow cold and indifferent. As a result, we become negative in our outlook on life and are guilty of discouraging other: The church should be a place of encouragement. It should be a place where you are known and loved for who you are. Are there some things one can do to avoid becoming a discourager? I believe there are. I list three for your consideration.

  • Recognize your imperfections and acknowledge your need for God’s grace.
  • Receive God’s grace without limits.
  • Release God’s grace toward others as an act of genuine gratitude for His limitless love toward you.  

You see, when we realize how great our need is, and His love embraces us, we cannot help but live in the “Power of Encouragement.” Life just looks different – life is changed when we from the reality of grace!

Be encouraged today and encourage the discouraged!

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