Shields Up and Locked

It seemed as though everything was happening at once. Things had been going so well. But now it seemed as though everything was falling apart, her job, her marriage. “I’m so tired,” she said, “I just don’t understand. What did I do to deserve this?”

She was a church-going, Bible-believing Christian, and she found herself struggling to understand why everything was falling apart. I told her, “maybe that’s the reason. I mean, if you were not living for the Lord, the enemy would not concern himself with you, but because you are living for God, you have become a threat to his dark kingdom, and he intends to bring you down.”

The above is not an isolated experience, and it happens every day to a significant number of believers. The enemy, Satan, has a well-stocked arsenal of weapons with which to wage war against the believer. He is continuously bombarding the believer’s defenses with fiery arrows of adversity, sickness, financial loss, broken relationships, and when our guards are down, he hits us with the emotional darts of anger, fear, doubt, depression and even self-pity.

But the Lord has given us a shield to ward off these flaming arrows – the shield of faith. Paul’s use of the imagery of the Roman soldier in Ephesians six helps understand the strength and protection available to the believer when engaged in spiritual warfare. The Romans soldiers shield measured some 2 feet by 4 feet, and by crouching behind it, the soldier could hide entirely behind it.

The image of the shield was used by Paul to represent the believer’s faith. A practical belief that states, “I will not rely on myself but instead on Christ alone. I am trusting Christ to give me the victory! “And this is the victory that overcomes the world, even our faith” (1 John 5: 4).

The shield protects in two ways. First, it stops the darts, so they do no harm, and second, they put out the arrows fire, so it does not spread!

Finally, the shield unites the army. The Romans’ shield was constructed in a way that the edges could be connected or locked together.  By securing their shields together, they formed a wall. Swords and arrows couldn’t penetrate that wall as they marched forward.

When the people of God stand together united in Christ, they become a mighty wall that cannot be stopped! That’s why living in a connected life is vital to our survival. As you and I stand together as the Body of Christ, empowered by His Spirit and equipped with love, victorious living is absolute!


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