Blessed Are the Balanced

Have you ever lost your balance? Depending on where you are and what you are doing, it can be a terrifying experience, or at the least embarrassing.

There was a time when I was very coordinated and had great balance. Well, not anymore! One of my main issues in dealing with Parkinson’s Disease is my balance. I’m working on it, but balance continues to be a significant issue for me. I think I would do better if I could remember to pick up my feet and take larger steps rather than shuffling.

Maintaining your balance is essential. The gym I go to is spending a goodly sum of money to cover the entire facility with specialized flooring that will lessen the chance of severe injury if someone does fall. Well, enough about me. The point is – balance is key to being able to stand your ground against the enemy.

Paul continues to use the Roman soldier’s armor as an illustration for the Christian’s God-given armor. Part of the Roman soldier’s armor was his footwear. Roman soldiers wore the “caliga,” a thick-soled, hob-nailed, half boot that had leather straps that were tied around and fastened tightly to each foot. It was heavily studded with metal nails to give stability in all forms of terrain. Losing one’s balance in battle can be deadly.

While physical balance in battle is essential, physical balance is not the only balance necessary for a victorious life. Emotional and spiritual balance is crucial. When a person is emotional, spiritual, or mentally unstable and unbalanced, they can become more vulnerable to the enemy.

What Paul says about the spiritual footwear of the Christian soldier is key to our overcoming the attacks of Satan. In verse fifteen, he uses the phrase “preparation of the gospel of peace.” The word “preparation” speaks of – a prepared base, or a foundation, that has already been laid. This foundation is the Gospel of peace. This foundation has been constructed upon the good news of Jesus Christ and His reconciling all things unto Himself by the shedding of His blood.

So, what gives us stability and balance when facing the enemy is the knowledge that we are no longer alienated from God. The Lord God of the Universe is holding your hand and leading you to your destiny! And it is in yielding to Him that we experience peace! Peace is ours, even in moments of a fierce battle/struggle. REMEMBER, BLESSED ARE THE BALANCED!

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