Satan Hates Integrity

The enemy is strong, and his tactics are deceptive. To claim the victory that Christ won for us at Calvary, we must stand up and put on the spiritual armor God has given us for battle. The first piece of the believer’s armor is the Girdle of Truth.

The girdle Paul spoke of was worn by Roman soldiers. It was more than a strip of cloth around his waist. Instead, it was generally a leather apron that helped to protect the lower part of his body. The girdle was also used as a sheath for the soldier’s sword.

What does this girdle of truth illustrate in the life of the believer? In the Bible, a girdle had the function of pulling things together. In the culture of that day, men and women both wore flowing robes. When they needed to hurry, the person would gather up their robe and tuck the ends in their girdle so their legs would be unencumbered. Likewise, the Christian must be prepared in mind and heart for battle, eliminating any thoughts or habits that would hinder his walk with the Lord. The girdle of truth represents a life that is pulled together and ready to serve for the glory of God. Are you and I unencumbered – free to move for God, free to respond to His call, or are we bond, tangled in certain habits that hinder our walk? It’s about integrity, truth in the inner being.

David described this kind of integrity in Psalm fifty-one and verse six; “Behold, thou desires truth in the inward parts.” It’s not enough just to carry the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God. The truth of God’s Word must penetrate our lives so that our actions and motives are governed by integrity and truth.

The opposite of integrity is duplicity. Duplicity is hypocrisy trying to lead a double life. We try to focus our minds and hearts on God and worldly pleasures at the same time. This kind of double vision always leads to unfaithfulness. Matthew six and verse twenty-four tells us that we can’t serve two masters.

If we are going to stand our ground against Satan and his forces, we must declare our allegiance to Christ and maintain our integrity. The minute we display any division or duplicity in our lives, we have given Satan an opening where he can attack us. Once he gains a foothold, his influence in our lives gradually grows until he finally controls us.

A person of integrity can best be illustrated in mathematics. In mathematics, a whole number is called an integer, while part of a number is called a fraction. Therefore, integrity means a whole person – one who is entirely undivided.

Satan loves duplicity; because he knows a “house divided against itself shall not stand.” Divide and conquer is the enemy’s favorite and most successful tactic because of our weak fleshly nature. So, put on the girdle of truth and be true to who you are as a soldier of God’s kingdom!

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