Spiritual Warfare and Authority

When David volunteered to meet Goliaths challenge to Israel, King Saul was concerned about what David would wear into battle. Saul placed His armor on David. But it didn’t fit, and it would have proved more of a hindrance than a help in David’s battle tactic. He was better off without the King’s armor, carrying just his sling and five smooth stones. (1Samuel 17: 38-39).

But there’s no reason for today’s believer to be gazing off toward the battlefield, mumbling; I just don’t have anything to wear. In Ephesians six, God tells believers precisely what to wear to the war, and His armor is tailor-made for you and me.

Before we look at Ephesians six and what it tells us about Spiritual Warfare and our role in the battle, we need to ask the question by whose authority do we fight. Where does our authority originate? God, Himself, has given us authority! It is made real through the name and power of Jesus Christ.

Several Scriptures speak of the believer’s authority to engage the enemy on behalf of the Kingdom of God. During this coming week, I will address each of these texts in more significant detail. I list them for you here so you may read them and, in doing so, allow the Holy Spirit to speak truth to you and give you insight and courage:

  • Matthew 16: 13-19
  • Matthew 28: 16ff
  • Mark 16: 14-19
  • Luke 24: 36-49
  • John 20: 19-23
  • Act 1: 1-8

In the first text, Matthew 16: 13-19, we will explore in detail tomorrow but, notice verse nineteen. Jesus is speaking following Peter’s confession, “And I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” The text speaks of delegated authority! What exactly does that imply? Check back tomorrow as we take a look at this delegated authority.

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