Report For Duty

In my last post I asked the question, “What do you gain if you look good and dress well and are well liked and admired by all for a life time and in the end lose your soul?

So many spend so much time and energy and resources on things that in the end, doesn’t matter. They are temporary and will one day pass away. And when those things are gone, what then? What will the one who has spent a lifetime seeking the admiration of the world do then? Now is the time to consider such things. You can’t wait until tomorrow to do what must be done today!

The adversary, Satan, isn’t waiting – he is actively seeking to devour you and destroy your witness. The truth is there is a fierce battle being waged and the casualties have been substantial. The Church can no longer afford to turn a blind eye and pretend She has no role to play. The Mainline Denominations can no longer relegate Her responsibilities by clamming such talk of spiritual warfare is primitive and beneath the sophisticated and intellectual nature of the progressive church of today. The Church can no longer remain neutral in the battle for the souls of humankind.

Spiritual Warfare is not a Pentecostal or Charismatic only subject. It is real and it is at your door step. So, in the words of the late E.V. Hill,the former pastor of Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church, in Los Angeles, California, “It’s time to report for duty!” The armor has been provided. The question is, will you and I put it on and take a stand against the evil forces that would seek to destroy the Kingdom of God?

There are three take a ways from today’s post. First, the mainline denominations can no longer afford to relegate Their responsibilities. Second, Spiritual Warfare is a reality and the Church can no longer neglect Her duty. And, third, are you willing to put on the armor and enter the struggle?

Read Ephesians 6: 10-18 again. This time however, read a bit slower and then take five minutes and write down your thoughts.

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