God’s Favorite Golfer

He had just started playing golf. His clubs were old, he had gotten them from a friend who had just bought a new set of Pings. He had it bad. He had been bitten by the “Golf Bug.” He had only played a few times, but he loved it! I am talking about my friend, Rick, who is an evangelist.

Rick had come to the church I was serving at the time to conduct a series of renewal meetings. While there, we took Rick to play a round of golf at the local golf course. Rick is full of life and very energetic. He holds nothing back. I think that’s what I admire the most about him – he holds nothing back, especially when it comes to sharing his joy and excitement about the goodness of God! We hadn’t been there very long before it happened. Rick duck-hooked his tee shot into the woods and then asked, “What do think about that shot?” I responded by telling him he certainly made good contact with the ball. I told him he should hit another ball in case we couldn’t find his. He said, “There’s no need God knows where it is.” I remember thinking, yeah He knows it’s in the woods and you should hit another ball. Well, to my surprise, we looked for his ball for about two minutes and there it was. It was between a huge Pine and several palmetto bushes. I looked at the ball and knew he had only one shot – hit it back toward the tee and hope it finds the fairway. I told Rick what he needed to do and his response was “Classic Rick”. My brother, the green is that way not back there. I told him it was the only shot. He smiled, took his stance and said, “Gloria a Dios, God show your glory.” He then swung the club as hard as he could, almost falling down as he swung.

What I witnessed was unbelievable. The ball missed every tree and landed ten feet from the hole! Rick began to shout and I mean shout! Gloria a Dios! I told you, brother, God can do it, God can do the impossible! I tried it two holes later and it didn’t work out so well for me. Rick smiled at me and said, “You didn’t say it loud enough and you didn’t say it in Spanish. We laughed and enjoyed the rest of our round. Our scores were awful but our time was unforgettable.

I learned a number of things that day from “the evangelist”. First, God’s favorite golfer had to be Arnold Palmer, because according to Rick. God loves tough, impossible shots. Second, I learned that joy is not based upon performance it is the result of being in a relationship with God. Finally, no matter how difficult a situation may appear, with God all things are possible! Even while surrounded by huge Pines and palmetto bushes!


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