The Sacrament of Love

Jesus was eating dinner with his disciples. In a matter of hours, the Passover Festival would begin, and there would be no turning back. Jesus knew that what was to take place in the coming days, was the very reason He had laid aside His ‘garment of glory’ clothed Himself with the ‘garment of human flesh’ and entered the chaotic world of broken humanity.

Reclined at the table with the men who had left everything to follow after Him, His heart was heavy. Glancing around the table, His mind filled with thoughts of special moments shared with these men. He loved them – all of them – even the one who would betray Him. God’s love is like that, you know? Even amid the betrayal, He still extends the Sacrament of Love!

Jesus stands and removes His outer garment then wraps a towel around His waist. He fills a basin with water, then kneels and begins to wash each man’s feet, even the feet of the one who would soon betray Him! But again, isn’t that what God’s love is like? A love that is so high, so broad, and so deep that even an act of betrayal is powerless to stop its flow.

I want to love like that, not just for a brief moment here and there, but I want to live a life rooted and grounded in a love like that. I think that’s what Jesus meant when He said, “I am your example; keep doing what I do.” (John 13: 15, The Voice Bible). There are moments when my life hints at such a love – but they are short-lived, and then its back to the task of judging who’s in and who’s out – who’s worthy and who’s not. But, even so, I press on knowing that He is faithful, and He will finish what He has begun in me.

I invite you to join me in praying the following prayer; “Lord, may the moments become hours and the hours days and on and on and on until I am made perfect in love. Amen!

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