The List

We had been given an assignment, by Pastor Jim Johnson, who at the time was my then-fiance and now wife, Jennifer Williams, Pastor. We were going through premarital counseling. The assignment was simple, “I want both of you to take some time this week and apart from each other, take a sheet of paper and list ten characteristics that reveal why you have chosen to marry this person. of all the people in the World, why do you what to marry each other?”

I remember the night we meet to exchange our lists. I handed her the list I had prepared, and she gave me the list she had written, We sat quietly, reading each other’s list. It was an unforgettable moment for me. I never dreamed anyone could view me the way she did. I remember my eyes watering a bit. That list still humbles me I review the list from time to time, and each time I’m convinced that I am not that man she once knew. But I want to be that man! I’ve had the list for some 27 plus years, and it still has the power to challenge me to be a better husband, father, son, and friend.

I think we often grow lazy or complacent in our relationships over time. Intimacy takes commitment. It takes devotion and dedication It will be what we make of it. And, if we are to make it all that it can be, we must do more than making a list. We must fulfill the list It is Christ who enables us to do so! I thank God that I have a wife who is long-suffering and full of grace.

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