Heaven’s Song

It’s been said, “One’s life is a symphony in the works. It’s measures are being written on the pages of one’s days, and the greatness of that life is not measured by wealth or position but by the question, Has the melody of my life caused the world to dance?”

Having been in the ministry for over thirty years serving as a pastor, an evangelist/missionary and Christian School Administrator, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to meet some truly amazing people. One of those individuals was Mr. Jesse. I called him the music man. Jesse loved music. He loved playing it, and he loved listening to it. He was a gifted musician who played the banjo, the musical saw, and the piano. It was a joy to sit and listen to him play and hear him sing.

The real joy for me was just being around him. He could make me smile no matter what my circumstances might be. Jesse was one of those individuals that made life better. You couldn’t be around him very long before you felt lighter and more at ease. Jesse made the world around him want to dance. Not because of his musical talent, but rather it was because of his passion for life itself – It was his quest for knowledge, his love of others, his humor, his ability to make one laugh when life wasn’t so laughable. He made me want to be a better man.

I believe Mr. Jesse’s contagious joy was an outflow of a heart full of love. He often said, “Love is the music of heaven itself, and the life that is filled with love is a melody that the world can not resist.” He almost always told me as I was leaving, “Sam, go play heaven’s song and help make the world want to dance!”

What song are we singing? What melody are we playing? I pray that our answer is love! I pray that we would make the world want to dance today!

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