Stop the Noise

Concerning the meaning of love, Richard Rohr states, “Love is a paradox. It often involves making a clear decision, but at its heart, it is not a matter of mind or willpower but a flow of energy willing allowed and exchanged, without requiring payment in return.”

To give love, without expectation of having the same given in return, is a divine thing. We often speak of such things, unconditional love, sacrificial love – yet seldom do we extend such love to others… Oh, we want to be the recipients of it and we are in Christ!

Why is it that we are so hesitant to give love when we are so loved? Maybe we are unaware of being loved that way. Knowing the concept of Divine Love and being continually aware of it are not the same.

The world is a noisy place and can make it difficult to hear the “Grand Symphony” of God’s love toward all humankind. But be assured that regardless of the world’s noise, the symphony of His love continues to play. There are so many who hear the noise but deep within are longing to hear the music of God’s love.

Our lives, as Christians, should be as a symphony, yet sadly we are guilty of making a lot of noise! It is my prayer that today I won’t be so noisy and as a result, someone will truly hear the music of God’s “Amazing Grace.”

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