Intimacy Between God and Man

Dr. Stanley states, concerning intimacy, “God, here is my heart. I am willing to unwrap myself before You -my soul, my spirit, and everything I am. I want You to know there is nothing I am holding back.” This he says, “is a personal relationship. This is true intimacy.”

Intimacy requires one to be honesty, vulnerable and transparent. Bishop Richard C. Looney, retired Bishop in the United Methodist Church, said concerning intimacy with God, “It is one of the most frightening things and at the same time most glorious”. It is frightening because it demands authenticity. “In a world of pretense, we are called to be real!”

Authenticity is what the world is looking for from the church. Are we being real? Does the church even allow us to be real? And, if we are truly ourselves, will the church accept and love us – even as the Sovereign Ruler of the Universe has claimed us as His very own? I implore you – BE REAL AND BE OPEN TO THE REALNESS OF THOSE AROUND YOU!

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