Dr. John Frey writes concerning the power of stories, “Stories close the distance between the stranger in each of us and the rest of the world. Stories reveal the person who is the patient, the person who is the {healthcare provider}, the person who is the teacher. And stories freely given are gifts to those who want to learn.”

Often we are deaf to the stories of those around us, robbing ourselves of the gifts they offer due largely to our being self absorbed. We are deafened by the noise of the day to day stuff in our lives.

Every person has a story and therefore a gift to offer, a unique life lesson to share. If we would simply listen, how very rich our lives would be. So, “shut up,” listen and receive your gift today!

One thought on “STORIES ARE A GIFT

  1. AMEN…good reminder especially with David and I. He has so many wonderful thoughts and experiences to share. When I truly listen I always learn….


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