I both like and am disturbed by what I read the other day. I like it because it is true. I am disturbed by it because I am guilty. Here is the quote; “The overworked alibi of the habitual procrastinator – I haven’t had time – has caused more failures than that of all other alibis combine.”

The truth is we make time for those things that matter most to us. What we make time for, says a great deal about who we are and what our priorities in life are. What is it that consumes your thoughts and efforts? It’s a serious question.

I heard a song sung by Al Holley that soon became a favorite of mine entitled, “Come Next Spring”. The words are powerful and convicting; “Come next spring we’ll paint the house and plant the garden. Come next spring we’ll do what must be done – come next spring… Putting off what must be done until tomorrow is not so great a sin because there’ll always be next spring…”

Time is precious and can never be reclaimed. It comes and it goes. What we do with each moment is our chose. We can take hold of it and make the most of it or we can waste it and let the moment pass us by. So, “Stop putting off the things you know must be done until tomorrow because tomorrow may never come (Holley).

Time is precious, so take care that you handle it well!

One thought on “Procrastination

  1. Procrastination sometimes seems to be an actual habit of mine. The reminder that time is precious and you can’t get it back is a good reminder. Treasure and use the moment.


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